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Social help



  • We as Company Gratitud S.A. Of commercial name SAM, we have the vision of being an agent of change in our country, specifically in the field of economic development, through the promotion of initiatives generated within the framework of a social entrepreneurship, which facilitates the development of fair and equitable businesses.
  • The purchase of raw materials from small-scale producers, especially and with greater emphasis on cooperatives or other structures made up of women, was incorporated into the value chain for our production systems.


  • Another of our aims is to facilitate spaces and conditions that favor the food security of children in areas with higher rates of child malnutrition.
  • We are allocating a percentage of our sales, for the elaboration of a SUPER BREAKFAST FORMULA (NUTRISAM) consisting of an instant powder drink, which contains the nutrients equivalent to a breakfast, which is being provided in 7 schools with the highest index of Malnutrition in Guatemala
  • In January of 2017 we registered the Inspiracion Guatemala Association, which promotes the economic empowerment of women and supports child nutrition.


DID YOU KNOW?     We have a strategic alliance with Adam / Incofin, an institution that supports more than 35 small farmers’ associations, to support the small farmer to commercialize their products in order to facilitate access to the different markets.

DID YOU KNOW?  We support rural production that focuses on the small-scale agricultural sector that also has a weak business focus, so in addition to using their products as raw material , we are opening markets for what they currently produce, as well to help them in a product development to satisfy different demands.

DID YOU KNOW?   We will be providing empowerment workshops for women and creating collaborative spaces that allow the support and promotion of economic initiatives from women, thus fostering the development of collaborative ecosystems.

DID YOU KNOW?  Always looking to be an agent of change, we decided to support the work of Guatemalan child nutrition, creating the Nutrisam beverage.

DID YOU KNOW?  Nutrisam is an instant drink that provides more than 23 vitamins, minerals and protein equivalent to a meal time.


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